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Three Gates Of Hell


These gateways stand as embodiments of insidious power, adorned with intricate details that hint at the dark forces that lie beyond.

[Play Sized Terrain Set – Gates Only] to reduce the cost of these colossal gates, we have removed the base section.

Did You Know? Each of the Three Gates of Hell is rumored to have been forged by a different Arch Devil, imbued with their unique brand of cruelty and cunning. These gates reflect the diabolical nature of their creators and serve as the gateway to their respective layers of the Nine Hells.


  1. Portal of Deceit:
    • Adventure Hook: The first gate, known as the “Deceit Gate,” emerges within a bustling city, luring the curious and the desperate with promises of riches and power. Characters uncover its existence and must prevent the city’s descent into chaos as infernal influence spreads. They embark on a journey to discover the gate’s origin, close it, and vanquish the demons it has unleashed.
  2. Decay Unleashed:
    • Adventure Hook: The second gate, the “Decay Gate,” appears in a remote wilderness, transforming the once-thriving ecosystem into a blighted wasteland. Characters stumble upon the gate’s location and must investigate its destructive power, battling corrupted creatures and searching for a way to reverse the decay before it consumes the entire world.
  3. The Ignorance Plague:
    • Combat-Centric: The third gate, the “Ignorance Gate,” surfaces in an isolated village, compelling residents to abandon reason and embrace chaos. Characters arrive as the village descends into madness, engaging in intense combat against the possessed townsfolk and demons from beyond the gate. They must seal the portal and lift the curse of ignorance from the villagers.
  4. Hell’s Unholy Alliance:
    • Combat-Centric: The Three Gates to Hell open simultaneously, causing a convergence of demonic forces. Characters are recruited by a powerful celestial entity to confront the threat, battling demons and navigating through each gate to close them permanently, preventing the release of unthinkable evil upon the world.

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, Hell Gates represent the ultimate test of a mortal’s resolve and virtue, challenging adventurers to confront the darkest aspects of their own nature as they stand on the precipice of eternal torment.


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