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Prepare for the ultimate orcish onslaught with our Orc Warband Bundle, a colossal collection that brings together the mightiest warriors, cunning leaders, and monstrous war machines. This bundle is perfect for serious gamers seeking to field a diverse and expansive orcish force that will dominate the tabletop battlefield.

Infantry Legions Rise Lead your orcish horde into battle with a selection of five infantry units, each bringing a unique set of skills and strengths.

Commanding Legends – Double the Leadership Choose not one, but two HQ Leader miniatures to command your warband with tactical brilliance.

Monstrous Companions and More Expand your warband with the Ripjawz beast or Orkaz Beast Riders, the unconventional Burnout Brothers or the mighty Doom Buddy.

War Machines of Unrivaled Power Choose between the Orkaz Run Rolla, a colossal beast with a spiked concrete roller and a heavy cannon, or the awe-inspiring Orkaz Dragon Bomba, a flying monstrosity armed to the teeth with bombs and cannons

Mobile Mayhem – New Choices Add an extra layer of chaos to your warband with the optional bundle choice between the Orkaz Death Mounta, a warbeast chariot pulling a group of orcs with heavy weaponry, or the Goblins Pearl Battle Ship, a massive pirate ship on tank wheels crewed by chattering goblins or the Mega Mecha orc Kaiju. The absurdity of orcish innovation knows no bounds!

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