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The orc Strike Bundle is a carefully curated collection that lets you assemble the a small but effective strike force to add to your ranks.This bundle offers a thrilling combination of infantry units, monstrous beasts, and devilish companions.

πŸ”₯ Infantry Domination πŸ”₯ Choose any two infantry units to form the backbone of your orc army. Whether you prefer the relentless charge of the Axegrinders or the tactical prowess of the Ironclad Brutes, the fate of your horde lies in your hands. Each miniature is intricately designed, capturing the essence of orcish might and determination.

🦷 Monstrous Companions 🦷 Elevate your orcish warband with the choice of a Ripjawz beast or a squad of 10 Orkaz Beast Riders. The Ripjawz, mythical creatures that will terrify your opponents with their fearsome presence. Alternatively, ride into battle atop the backs of the Orkaz Beast Riders, agile and swift, ready to strike down any foes in their path. The choice is yours, commander!

πŸ”₯ Devilish Reinforcements πŸ”₯ As an added option, bolster your orc forces with 1 to 3 Devil Dogs – smaller yet equally menacing versions of the Ripjawz monster. These devilish creatures add a strategic layer to your gameplay, striking fear into your opponents and providing a unique tactical advantage on the battlefield.

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