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The Orc Patrol Bundle goes beyond the basics, offering a dynamic mix of infantry, monstrous beasts, and now, the strategic brilliance of HQ leaders and devastating war machines.

Infantry Domination Continues Start with the solid foundation of any three infantry units of your choice.

Commanding Presence with HQ Leaders Take your leadership to the next level by choosing any HQ Leader miniature to guide your orcish forces. These fearsome commanders inspire their horde, turning the tide of battle with their unique abilities and strategic acumen. Which Warboss will you choose to lead your patrol to glory?

Monstrous Companions and More In addition to the Ripjawz beast or Orkaz Beast Riders, expand your orcish horde with a choice between the Burnout Brothers, orks with wheels instead of legs, adding a speedy and unconventional element to your patrol, or the mighty Doom Buddy, a relentless fast attack that can speed across the battlefield to provide quick support.

War Machines of Destruction The final decision is an optional one – choose between an Orkaz Run Rolla, a colossal beast with a spiked concrete roller and a heavy cannon, or the Orkaz Dragon Bomba, a fearsome flying creature armed with bombs and cannons, laying waste to everything in its path. The battlefield is your canvas – paint it with the chaos of destruction!

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