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Transmute Spawns


Meet the Transmutation Spawns, a nightmarish trio accompanied by their human handler, a twisted soul bound to the chaotic whims of their eldritch charges. These grotesque entities, inspired by the ever-shifting nature of chaos, move as one on the battlefield, a surreal dance of mutation and unpredictability.

The three Spawns, their forms in constant flux, exhibit mutations that defy the laws of nature. Tentacle-like appendages writhe, and eyes blink open in places where eyes should not be. Each Spawn is a living testament to the chaotic forces that govern their existence, a manifestation of the unpredictability that lurks within the warp.

Guiding these abominations is the human handler, a figure whose very being seems entwined with the eldritch energies at play. This handler, with an otherworldly understanding of the Spawns’ ever-changing natures, directs them with an eerie precision, as if attuned to the capricious heartbeat of chaos.

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