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Transmute Regiment (10)


Behold the Transmutation Regiment, a squad of ten otherworldly warriors that march in sync with the ever-shifting tides of chaos. Each figure within this enigmatic unit is a living embodiment of the unpredictable, their forms a kaleidoscopic dance of mutations and sorcerous power that defies the conventional understanding of war.

Armed with weapons that seem to ripple with eldritch energy, the Transmutation Warriors stride into battle with an eerie grace. Each swing of their weapons is a manifestation of the capricious forces that flow through them, leaving trails of distortion in the air as they cut through the opposition.

Their armor, a fusion of metal and mysticism, seems to change color and form with every passing moment. These warriors are not bound by the mundane laws of physics; instead, they revel in the boundless possibilities granted by the chaotic energies that course through their veins.

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