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Transmute Command 1


the Transmutation Command Group, a trio of enigmatic champions that warp the very essence of order on the battlefield.

The Standard Bearer unfurls a banner that seems to shift between myriad symbols and sigils. Its form is an optical illusion, a testament to the multifaceted nature of the chaos they serve. The banner’s fluttering incites both dread and fascination, creating a surreal backdrop to the unfolding battle.

Next, the Champion with Three Faces strides forward, dual-wielding swords that seem to materialize and dematerialize with each swing. Each of the three faces peering into past present and future, and the constant interplay between them is an unsettling spectacle that mirrors the ever-shifting tides of transmuation.

Following in this surreal procession, the Musician with a Mutated Mouth, fashioned as a grotesque trumpet, unleashes dissonant notes that resonate with the cacophony of the transmutation god itself. Its mutated mouth contorts in unnatural ways, producing haunting melodies that linger in the minds of both allies and adversaries alike.

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