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Rotten Command Group


Behold the Rotten Command Group – a trio of champions draped in the wretched glory of the disease god, leading their pestilent legions with a twisted determination that only the devotees of malady and decay can muster. This triumvirate of contagion consists of a champion and two standard bearers, standing as a living testament to the unholy union of filth and resilience.

At the forefront is the Rotten Champion, a grotesque figure clad in armor that seems to have embraced the essence of decay itself. His weapon, a rusted blade that oozes with toxic intent, is a foul instrument of the disease god’s malevolence. With each swing, he spreads the joy of contagion, leaving a trail of misery in his wake.

Flanking the champion are the Rotten Standard Bearers, twin bearers of banners that flutter with the symbolism of decay and disease. These banners, tattered and stained with the ichor of a thousand plagues, are as much a source of inspiration for the followers as they are a harbinger of doom for their foes.

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