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Nasty Gitz


Introducing the Nasty Gitz, a squad of six sneaky assassin-style goblin miniatures equipped with dual daggers and cloaked in shadows. These cunning miniatures are perfect for wargamers looking to add a deadly and stealthy unit to their army. Each Nasty Git is sculpted with meticulous detail, capturing the sinister agility and ruthless efficiency that define goblin assassins.

The Nasty Gitz are masters of ambush and infiltration, their dual daggers gleaming with poison ready to strike down unsuspecting foes. Clad in tattered yet effective cloaks, they blend seamlessly into their surroundings, waiting for the perfect moment to unleash their deadly skills. Their sly grins and piercing eyes reveal their love for treachery and surprise attacks, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Crafted using the highest quality resin and advanced 3D printing technology, each Nasty Git miniature is brought to life with stunning clarity. From the intricate folds of their cloaks to the sharpness of their daggers, every detail emphasizes their role as elite assassins. These miniatures are designed to enhance the tactical depth of your wargaming experience, providing opportunities for sneak attacks and strategic plays.

Lead your Nasty Gitz into the fray and watch as they disrupt enemy lines, eliminate key targets, and sow chaos among opposing forces. Whether they’re infiltrating enemy strongholds or launching surprise attacks from the shadows, these sneaky goblins are an invaluable addition to any goblin warband or fantasy army.

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