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Goblin Warriors


Unleash the cunning and ferocity of the goblin horde with our squad of 20 Goblin Warriors. This diverse group of goblin miniatures is perfect for any wargaming enthusiast looking to add a versatile and dynamic unit to their army. Each goblin warrior is uniquely sculpted, capturing the chaotic energy and mischievous brutality that define goblin combat tactics.

These goblin warriors are armed with a variety of weapons, from crude swords and daggers to wickedly sharp spears and makeshift shields. Their ragtag armor pieces, cobbled together from scavenged materials, provide a patchwork of protection that only adds to their wild and unpredictable nature on the battlefield.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each goblin warrior miniature is brought to life using high-quality resin and advanced 3D printing technology. This ensures every figure boasts intricate details, from the snarling expressions on their faces to the texture of their tattered clothing and makeshift armor.

As a squad, these goblin warriors are ready to overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers and cunning tactics. Whether ambushing from hidden positions, swarming over fortifications, or engaging in brutal melee combat, they bring a unique blend of chaos and strategy to any wargaming scenario.

Ideal for players seeking to expand their armies with a unit that embodies the spirit of goblin warfare, this squad of 20 Goblin Warriors is versatile enough to fit into a variety of fantasy settings and game systems. Their mischievous yet deadly nature makes them a formidable addition to any battlefield.

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