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Big Bad Ork


Introducing the Big Bad Ork, a fearsome ork warboss in mega armour, equipped with a devastating power claw and chain cannon. Designed by the renowned 3D artist Eight Leg Miniatures, this model is a perfect proxy for Ghazghkull Thraka, bringing unparalleled might and brutality to your tabletop wargaming collection.

The Big Bad Ork stands as a towering figure, clad in intricately detailed mega armour that offers formidable protection. The power claw is capable of crushing any foe, while the chain cannon provides relentless firepower, making this warboss a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. The meticulous design captures every aspect of this brutal leader, from the rugged texture of the armour to the ferocious expression on his face.

Ideal for hobbyists and wargaming enthusiasts, the Big Bad Ork offers exceptional quality and durability thanks to advanced 3D printing technology. This model is perfect for those looking to add a unique and powerful character to their ork army, providing both a thematic and tactical advantage.

Unleash the fury of the Big Bad Ork in your next game, and watch as he leads your army to victory with sheer strength and unrelenting aggression. This warboss is a must-have for any dedicated wargamer.

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