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Warforged Wizard


With a sturdy and imposing metallic frame, this character radiates an air of both arcane mastery and mechanical precision.

Did You Know? Warforged Wizards are unique individuals among the Warforged, combining their inherent construct nature with the pursuit of arcane knowledge and spellcasting abilities. They are a testament to the adaptability of their kind.


  1. Magitech Artisan: You were created as a Warforged with a natural affinity for magic. Your creators designed you to serve as both an artisan and a wizard, and you have honed your arcane abilities while crafting enchanted objects and constructs.
  2. Ancient Artifact: You were discovered dormant in an ancient ruin, your arcane knowledge hidden away for centuries. Awakened by a group of scholars, you have embraced your role as a Warforged Wizard to unlock the secrets of the past.
  3. Guardian Construct: Built to protect a secluded library of arcane lore, you developed your magical abilities to safeguard the knowledge within. Now, as a Warforged Wizard, you use your powers to protect and share that knowledge.
  4. Enchanted Experiment: You were created through a unique experiment that infused a Warforged with arcane power. Your existence as a Warforged Wizard is an ongoing exploration of the boundaries between magic and machinery.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the combination of mechanical precision and arcane mastery when playing a Warforged Wizard. Showcase your ability to cast spells with precision and the unique way your character interacts with magic and machinery.
  • Customize your wizard’s spell selection and arcane traditions to reflect their unique background and abilities. Prioritize spells that complement your Warforged traits and enhance your spellcasting prowess.
  • Utilize your Warforged features, such as “Integrated Protection” and “Warforged Resilience,” to withstand damage and adapt to various situations, making you a durable and versatile wizard.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate elements of ancient constructs, magitech, or encounters with arcane mysteries into the campaign, allowing your Warforged Wizard to explore their unique origins and confront challenges that test their magical and mechanical abilities.
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  1. Luca

    Got the larger 72 as an art project when I heard about the quality these guys are putting out. Really glad with the result and defiantely recommend.

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