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Human Invoker


As a spellcaster attuned to the cosmos, the Invoker invokes celestial forces to unleash spells that both protect and destroy. Whether calling down celestial wrath to smite foes or erecting ethereal barriers to shield allies, they embody the celestial balance between benevolence and judgment.

The Human Invoker is a beacon of celestial magic, a wielder of divine power, and a mage whose every utterance resonates with the harmony of the celestial spheres.

Did You Know? Human Invokers often receive visions or dreams from celestial entities, guiding them on their path of magic. In Dungeons and Dragons, these spellcasters bridge the gap between the mortal realm and celestial planes, acting as intermediaries for cosmic powers. The Human Invoker becomes a living conduit for celestial magic, a chosen vessel through which the celestial realm manifests its influence.

Background Starters:

  1. Celestial Scholar of the Astral Sanctum: As a celestial scholar in the Astral Sanctum, the Invoker’s journey involves delving into celestial lore, deciphering celestial scripts, and communing with celestial beings in the pursuit of cosmic knowledge and mastery over celestial magic.
  2. Champion of the Celestial Covenant: Sworn as a champion of the Celestial Covenant, the Invoker’s role involves upholding oaths to celestial entities, serving as a beacon of celestial justice, and embarking on quests to vanquish otherworldly threats that threaten the celestial balance.
  3. Astral Seeker in Pursuit of Celestial Artifacts: Embarking on a quest to discover celestial artifacts, the Invoker’s adventures include navigating celestial realms, uncovering ancient celestial relics, and using their acquired artifacts to amplify their connection to celestial magic.
  4. Exiled Prophet with Celestial Visions: Driven into exile for receiving visions of celestial prophecies, the Invoker’s journey involves deciphering their visions, uncovering the cosmic truths hidden within, and proving to skeptics that their celestial insights are a gift rather than a curse.
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