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Goliath Blood Mage


The Goliath Blood Mage is a force of raw power, a custodian of ancient traditions, and a spellcaster whose very essence is a testament to the unfettered might of their goliath heritage.

Did You Know? Goliaths are typically known for their strength and resilience in the face of adversity. However, some Goliaths choose to walk a darker path, delving into the forbidden art of blood magic, drawing power from the very life force that flows within them.


  1. Exiled Seeker of Power: Banished from your Goliath clan due to your dangerous pursuit of blood magic, you now wander the world in search of forbidden knowledge and hidden sources of power, all while struggling to keep your dark secret hidden.
  2. Cursed Guardian: You were cursed by a malevolent entity, which bound you to the art of blood magic against your will. Now, you seek to break the curse while using your newfound abilities to protect those who cannot protect themselves.
  3. Arcane Outlaw: Driven by a thirst for power, you turned to blood magic, becoming an outlaw in the eyes of society. As a Goliath Blood Mage, you live on the fringes of civilization, seeking to uncover the ultimate secrets of your dark craft.
  4. Reluctant Savior: When your village was under attack, you had no choice but to tap into the forbidden magic of your blood. Now, you’re on a quest to control this newfound power and protect your people from future threats.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the moral complexities of playing a Goliath Blood Mage. Consider the ethical dilemmas that come with harnessing the life force of others and explore how your character grapples with these choices.
  • Carefully choose your spells and abilities to reflect your mastery over blood magic. Focus on spells that manipulate life force, control blood, or inflict powerful curses.
  • Collaborate with your DM to develop the source of your blood magic and its consequences. This can lead to intriguing plot developments and character growth.
  • Develop a unique backstory for your Goliath Blood Mage, detailing how you discovered your forbidden talents and why you chose to wield them, making your character’s journey even more compelling.
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