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Evocation Master Wizard


The Evocation Wizard stands at the pinnacle of arcane might, commanding the very elements themselves. With a flick of the wrist or a single word of power, this human wizard miniature can summon searing flames, devastating lightning, or chilling ice to annihilate their foes. Mastery over evocation magic allows this wizard to control and unleash elemental forces with unparalleled precision, turning the tide of battle in an instant. This dnd wizard miniature embodies the raw, destructive power of magic, making it a must-have for any collection of 28mm wizard miniatures.

Did You Know? Evocation is one of the eight schools of magic in Dungeons and Dragons, focusing on spells that manipulate energy to create powerful effects. Wizards specializing in evocation can learn to sculpt their spells, allowing them to avoid harming allies while maximizing the damage to enemies.


  1. Guardian of the Elemental Tomes: As a guardian of ancient elemental tomes, your mission involves protecting these powerful books from those who seek to misuse their destructive power. Upon hearing rumors of a dark sorcerer targeting the tomes, you must embark on a quest to safeguard these artifacts and ensure their power remains in the right hands.
  2. Scion of the Elemental Planes: Descending from a lineage with a deep connection to the elemental planes, your journey is to uncover and harness your ancestral powers. Guided by visions from elemental beings, you are tasked with seeking out elemental nexuses and attuning to their energies.
  3. Hunter of the Arcane Anomalies: Specializing in investigating magical anomalies, you are called upon to explore and neutralize rogue elemental rifts appearing across the realm. Encountering a particularly unstable rift, your quest becomes a race against time to stabilize it before it wreaks havoc on the surrounding areas.
  4. Savior of the Elemental Balance: Tasked with maintaining the balance between elemental forces, you discover that an ancient artifact has been disturbed, causing chaos in the elemental planes. Your adventure involves finding and restoring the artifact to its rightful place, ensuring the stability of the natural order.

Tips for Players:

    • Focus on spells that offer both high damage and utility.
    • Sculpt your evocation spells to protect your allies while decimating your enemies.
    • Use your elemental knowledge to manipulate the battlefield to your advantage, and consider multi-classing with a class that can complement your destructive power, such as a sorcerer or warlock.
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