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Air Genasi Aeromancer


This exquisitely crafted miniature depicts an Air Genasi Aeromancer, a spellcaster with a strong affinity for the element of air.

Did You Know? Air Genasi are descendants of elemental air creatures, granting them an innate connection to the skies. Aeromancers harness the power of air to manipulate winds, create storms, and even glide effortlessly through the heavens.


a. Whispers of the Tempest: Your Aeromancer was raised in a secluded temple, where you learned to commune with the air elementals. Now, you seek to uncover ancient air elemental secrets hidden in forgotten ruins.

b. The Skyborne Nomad: Born to a tribe of Air Genasi nomads, you roamed the endless skies on floating islands. When your home was attacked by a formidable aerial threat, you vowed to protect your people and uncover the truth behind the attack.

c. The Elemental Scholar: As a diligent scholar of elemental magic, you stumbled upon an ancient tome filled with the secrets of the Aeromancers. Driven by curiosity, you embark on a quest to uncover the lost arts of air manipulation.

d. Warden of the Storms: Once a sailor, you survived a fierce tempest by invoking the power of air. Now, you are bound to protect your ship and crew against the wrath of the seas and skies, seeking to master the Aeromancer’s abilities.

Tips for Players:

    • Embrace your elemental connection. Roleplay your character as one who is always in tune with the wind, using subtle breezes and gentle gusts to convey emotions and intentions.
    • Utilize your Aeromancer spells strategically, manipulating air currents to control the battlefield. Spells like “Gust” can be used creatively in both combat and non-combat situations.
    • Work with your DM to incorporate weather and environmental conditions into your adventures, allowing your Aeromancer to shine as they navigate the challenges of the sky.
    • Consider multiclassing or taking feats that complement your Aeromancer abilities, such as feats that enhance mobility or control over the air.
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