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Dragonborn Warlock


This warlock excels in eldritch magic, arcane knowledge, and harnessing the essence of dragons. The Ascended Dragonborn Warlock is a disciple of draconic mysteries, a seeker of ancient pacts, and a spellcaster whose powers transcend the boundaries between mortal and draconic realms.

Did You Know? Dragonborn Warlocks are individuals who have formed pacts with powerful otherworldly entities, harnessing eldritch magic that draws upon both their draconic heritage and the otherworldly forces they serve. These pacts grant them unique powers and abilities.


  1. Draconic Patron: You have formed a pact with a powerful draconic entity, gaining access to ancient knowledge and the ability to wield both dragon-like abilities and eldritch magic. Your quest is to serve your patron’s inscrutable goals.
  2. Seeker of Lost Secrets: Your insatiable curiosity led you to discover an ancient tome containing forbidden knowledge. In your pursuit of greater magical power, you unwittingly formed a pact with an eldritch being, granting you access to arcane secrets beyond mortal comprehension.
  3. Champion of the Shadows: You were taken under the wing of a shadowy entity, drawn to its enigmatic whispers. As a Dragonborn Warlock, you are both servant and harbinger of these shadowy forces, using your newfound powers to manipulate and control the darkness.
  4. Cursed by the Void: A chance encounter with a void rift left you marked by otherworldly powers. Your existence as a Dragonborn Warlock is intertwined with the mysterious and often sinister forces of the void, seeking to understand and control your newfound abilities.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the enigmatic and otherworldly nature of your character when playing a Dragonborn Warlock. Infuse your roleplay with elements of arcane mystery and the sense of serving a powerful patron.
  • Customize your warlock’s spells and invocations to reflect the pact you’ve made and the abilities granted by your patron. Consider spells that enhance your eldritch power and draconic heritage.
  • Utilize your warlock’s unique abilities, such as eldritch invocations and pact boons, to tailor your character’s playstyle to your preferences and campaign needs.
  • Collaborate with your DM to integrate elements of your patron’s influence and goals into the campaign, offering opportunities for your Dragonborn Warlock to explore the mysteries of the pact and navigate the challenges it presents.
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