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Dragonborn Wild Sorcerer


This enigmatic sorcerer channels magic with an unpredictable twist, tapping into the essence of chaos that fuels their spells. The Dragonborn Wild Sorcerer’s arcane prowess manifests in surges of unpredictable magic, creating dazzling displays of chaotic energy.

They are a living spectacle, a sorcerer touched by the wild, and a force that challenges the very fabric of reality.

Did You Know? Dragonborn Wild Sorcerers often inherit their chaotic magic from exposure to powerful planar forces or mysterious magical events. In Dungeons and Dragons, they navigate the unpredictable nature of wild magic, a testament to the chaotic beauty inherent in their sorcerous abilities.

Background Starters:

  1. Wandering Seeker of Wild Ley Lines: Roaming the realms in search of wild ley lines, the Dragonborn Wild Sorcerer’s journey involves unraveling the secrets of untamed magic, harnessing the power of ley lines, and confronting the unpredictable surges of arcane energy. Encounter a hidden nexus of wild magic, prompting the sorcerer to embark on a quest to unlock its potential and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.
  2. Arcane Liberator from Dragonborn Royalty: Born into dragonborn royalty, their role includes mastering arcane arts, liberating magical knowledge, and contending with political intrigues. Stumble upon a forbidden tome containing ancient wild magic secrets, urging the Dragonborn Wild Sorcerer to navigate treacherous waters to liberate magical knowledge and break free from stifling traditions.
  3. Outcast Rebel of the Draconic Enclave: Cast out as a rebel from a draconic enclave, their adventures involve challenging draconic hierarchy, honing wild magic, and resisting the constraints of draconic law. Discover a prophecy foretelling a cataclysmic event tied to their unique magic, propelling the sorcerer into a quest to avert disaster and prove that wild magic is a force to be reckoned with.
  4. Planar Traveler Infused with Chaos: A planar traveler infused with chaotic energies, their mission involves traversing the multiverse, embracing the chaos of different realms, and unlocking the potential of their wild magic. Encounter a rift between planes threatening to unleash chaotic entities, compelling the Dragonborn Wild Sorcerer to navigate diverse dimensions and seal the interplanar breach.
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