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Goliath Blood Shaman Priestess


This blood shaman priestess specializes in communing with spirits, harnessing the power of blood magic, and invoking the sacred energies of the mountains. The Goliath Blood Shaman Priestess is a spiritual guide, a custodian of ancient traditions, and a beacon of divine wisdom in the heart of the goliath community.

Did You Know? Among the Goliaths, Blood Shaman Priestesses hold a revered position as spiritual guides and healers, channeling the primal energies that flow through the earth and the very essence of life itself. They use their unique blood magic to mend wounds, commune with the spirits, and protect their people.


  1. The Ancestral Seer: You are the chosen heir to a line of revered Goliath Blood Shaman Priestesses who have guided your tribe for generations. As the new seer, you embark on a journey to honor your ancestors and safeguard your people.
  2. Emissary of the Earthmother: Gifted with the ability to communicate with the spirits of the land and the Earthmother herself, you serve as an emissary between your tribe and the natural world. Your quest is to maintain the balance and harmony between your people and the land they call home.
  3. Blood of the Earth: You were born with a mysterious affinity for the earth’s energies and the power of blood magic. As a Goliath Blood Shaman Priestess, you seek to unravel the secrets of this unique connection and unlock its full potential.
  4. Sacrificial Guardian: Sworn to protect your tribe, you have embraced the ancient tradition of blood magic. You offer your own life essence to heal and shield your people, ensuring their safety in times of peril.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the solemn and spiritual nature of your Goliath Blood Shaman Priestess. Lean into your character’s role as a spiritual guide and healer, offering wisdom and guidance to your companions.
  • Select spells and abilities that reflect your blood magic and spiritual connection with the earth. Focus on spells that enhance healing, protection, and communication with spirits.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate tribal rituals and traditions into the campaign, allowing your character to perform ceremonies and connect with the primal forces of the world.
  • Explore the complexity of your character’s relationship with blood magic, delving into the ethical and personal dilemmas that arise from tapping into life essence to wield mystical power.
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