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Half Elf Soulknife


This soulknife rogue agent excels in stealth, subterfuge, and the finesse of both blade and mind.

Did You Know? Half-Elf Soulknives are a fusion of elven elegance and human adaptability, imbued with psionic abilities that enable them to manifest psychic blades. These blades are extensions of their very souls and can be summoned and dismissed at will.


  1. The Arcane Seeker: Growing up in an elven community, you always felt like an outsider due to your human heritage. You left your home to uncover your true potential as a Soulknife, exploring ancient ruins and libraries to unlock the secrets of your unique abilities.
  2. Dual Heritage Guardian: As the child of a human and an elf, you were often caught between two worlds. When a mysterious power awakened within you, allowing you to forge psychic blades, you swore to protect both your human and elven kin from threats that would harm them.
  3. Secret Psionic Society: You were initiated into a clandestine society of psionics, where you learned to harness your innate psychic potential. Now, as a Half-Elf Soulknife, you use your skills to further the society’s goals, uncover hidden truths, and safeguard its secrets.
  4. Psionic Wanderer: Your life has been a journey of self-discovery. As you roamed the realms, you stumbled upon the ability to manifest psychic blades. Now, you wander as a wandering Soulknife, seeking answers about the origin of your psionic powers and your place in the world.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the blend of elegance and deadly precision when playing a Half-Elf Soulknife. Your character can be both a graceful diplomat and a formidable combatant.
  • Customize your psychic blades using the Soulknife’s class features. Experiment with different shapes and enhancements to suit your character’s style and tactics.
  • Focus on psionic-themed spells and abilities to complement your Soulknife skills. Consider spells that enhance your psychic powers, provide crowd control, or enhance your mobility.
  • Collaborate with your DM to integrate psionic lore and mysteries into the campaign, creating opportunities for your character to delve into the world of psionics and unlock their full potential.
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