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Female Tiefling Rogue


The Tiefling Rogue is a silhouette in the night, a rogue with a touch of infernal allure—a skilled infiltrator, a charming swindler, and a creature of the shadows.

Did You Know? Tiefling Rogues, with their infernal bloodline, often find themselves torn between the shadows and the temptations of their fiendish heritage. In Dungeons and Dragons, these rogues leverage their devilish charm to navigate both the criminal underworld and the complexities of society. The Tiefling Rogue stands as a symbol of duality, blending the stealthy prowess of a rogue with the devilish allure of their tiefling lineage.

Background Starters:

  1. Streetwise Urchin: Raised in the labyrinthine alleys of a bustling city, the Rogue survives as a streetwise urchin. Their journey involves navigating the intricate web of criminal elements, forming alliances with fellow rogues, and honing their skills as a nimble pickpocket and informant.
  2. Infernal Informant: Tasked with gathering information for an infernal patron, the Rogue becomes an infernal informant. Their path involves infiltrating secret societies, gathering intelligence on rival factions, and leveraging their rogue skills to serve the agenda of their otherworldly benefactor.
  3. Heist Mastermind: Known for orchestrating daring heists, the Rogue becomes a heist mastermind. Their journey involves assembling a skilled crew, planning intricate capers, and executing thefts that leave both city guards and criminal overlords perplexed.
  4. Champion of the Shadows: Embracing the shadows as their ally, the Rogue becomes a champion of stealth. Their role involves aiding those in need by navigating the unseen paths, outsmarting adversaries, and ensuring that justice, even if it wears a mask, prevails in the face of corruption.
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