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Elven Rogue Bard


Whether infiltrating a high-stakes social gathering or slipping through the alleys unnoticed, the Elven Nightblade is a virtuoso of both melody and stealth, leaving behind an indelible mark on the tapestry of the night.

Did You Know? Elven Rogue Bards, known as Nightblades, harmonize the artistry of elven music with the stealth of a rogue. In Dungeons and Dragons, these individuals become virtuosos of both melody and shadows, using their bardic abilities to weave tales of intrigue while seamlessly slipping through the unnoticed spaces of the world. The Elven Nightblade stands as a testament to the transformative power of music and the shadows in the hands of an elven bard.

Background Starters:

  1. Prodigy of Elven Artistry: Trained in the intricate arts of elven music and dance, the Elven Nightblade is a prodigy who weaves their bardic talents into the very fabric of their rogue skills.
  2. Harmonizer of Shadows: The Elven Nightblade discovered a unique connection between music and shadows, using their bardic magic to manipulate the darkness and create illusions that complement their rogue abilities.
  3. Bardic Infiltrator of Noble Courts: As a performer in noble courts, the Nightblade uses their bardic charisma to gain access to privileged spaces, all while employing rogue skills to gather secrets in the heart of opulence.
  4. Singer of the Moonlit Rebellion: A voice for the disenfranchised, the Elven Nightblade utilizes their talents to inspire rebellion, combining bardic songs with rogue subterfuge to fight against oppressive forces.
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