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Catfolk Swashbuckler


The Catfolk Swashbuckler is a nimble duelist, a master of high-seas acrobatics, and a rogue whose every move is a testament to the feline prowess they bring to the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

Did You Know? Catfolk Swashbucklers, drawing inspiration from their feline nature, often hail from seafaring communities or harbor a deep fascination with maritime adventures. In Dungeons and Dragons, these swashbucklers bring a unique blend of catlike agility and rogueish charm to the high seas. The Catfolk Swashbuckler becomes a living embodiment of the seamless fusion between feline grace and the daring escapades of a swashbuckling rogue.

Background Starters:

  1. Scion of the Whiskered Corsairs: Born into a renowned lineage of feline corsairs, the Swashbuckler’s journey involves inheriting the legacy of their whiskered ancestors, mastering the art of naval combat, and seeking to surpass the exploits of their famed forebears.
  2. Navigator of the Cat’s Paw Crew: Becoming the navigator of the Cat’s Paw Crew, the Swashbuckler’s role involves guiding the ship through treacherous waters, relying on their keen instincts, and ensuring that the crew reaches their destinations safely while engaging in agile acrobatics during boarding actions.
  3. Exotic Performer on Harbor Stages: Taking to harbor stages as an exotic performer, the Swashbuckler’s adventures include dazzling audiences with agile displays, using their performances to gather information, and occasionally intervening in local disputes with their formidable combat skills.
  4. Guardian of Hidden Feline Sanctuaries: Appointed as a guardian of hidden feline sanctuaries, the Swashbuckler’s duty involves protecting these enclaves from threats both natural and supernatural, using their skills to navigate dense jungles and repelling invaders who seek to exploit the mystical secrets hidden within.
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