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Assassin Rogue


Armed with dual daggers honed to razor-sharp perfection, the Infiltrator’s strikes are surgical, dispatching targets with deadly precision. Their eyes, sharp and calculating, miss no detail, and their footsteps echo like whispers in the alleys they traverse.

Whether skulking in the cover of darkness or infiltrating the highest echelons of society, the Shadowblade Infiltrator is a master of subterfuge, leaving no trace but the chilling knowledge that danger lurks in the shadows.

Did you know? In the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, Assassin Rogues are feared operatives skilled in subterfuge and deadly strikes. The Human Assassin, known as the Shadowblade Infiltrator, stands as a testament to the duality of the city’s shadows. Operating in a world where alliances shift like the tides, this rogue is a living shadow, an unseen force that enforces its own version of justice on the gritty streets they call home.

Background Ideas:


  1. Clandestine Guild Operative: Trained by a secretive assassins’ guild, the Infiltrator carries out covert missions, eliminating targets that threaten the delicate balance of power within the city’s criminal underworld.
  2. Avenger of Betrayal: Driven by a personal vendetta, the Infiltrator seeks retribution against those who betrayed them or their loved ones, using their skills to mete out justice in the shadows.
  3. Information Broker: Beyond the art of assassination, the Infiltrator trades in secrets. Operating as an information broker, they gather intelligence from the city’s underbelly and sell it to the highest bidder.
  4. Urban Vigilante: Moved by a sense of justice, the Infiltrator prowls the city streets, targeting corrupt officials and criminals who exploit the weak. Their actions, though illegal, serve a higher purpose.





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