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Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger


This horizon walker excels in planar magic, interdimensional navigation, and protecting the fabric of reality.

Did You Know? Tiefling Horizon Walker Rangers are rare individuals who have tapped into the magic of the multiverse, allowing them to navigate between different planes of existence with ease. They use their unique abilities to protect their world from planar threats.


  1. Abyssal Survivor: Born into a family with a dark infernal heritage, you were touched by an abyssal rift as a child, granting you the powers of a Horizon Walker. Now, you journey between realms to uncover the mysteries of your infernal ancestry.
  2. Planar Explorer: Fascinated by the mysteries of the multiverse, you embarked on a journey to explore other planes of existence. Along the way, you developed your skills as a Horizon Walker Ranger, with a focus on protecting your home plane from extraplanar threats.
  3. Celestial Intervention: Your life was spared by a celestial being during a near-death experience. In gratitude, you pledged to use your newfound powers to maintain the balance between the planes, becoming a Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger in their service.
  4. Cursed Portal: You accidentally stumbled upon a cursed portal that linked your world to the elemental planes. As a Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger, you now work to close these rifts and protect your world from the elemental chaos.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the enigmatic and planar nature of your character when playing a Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger. Showcase your ability to manipulate and traverse between different planes, providing unique solutions to challenges.
  • Customize your ranger’s spells and abilities to reflect their planar connection. Prioritize spells that enhance your mobility, damage output, and protection from extraplanar threats.
  • Utilize your Horizon Walker features, such as “Planar Warrior” and “Ethereal Step,” to navigate encounters and confront foes from different planes of existence.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate planar adventures, rifts, and extraplanar creatures into the campaign, allowing your Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger to explore the mysteries of the multiverse and confront the planar challenges that arise.
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