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Tabaxi Ranger


As a ranger of the wild, the Tabaxi Ranger excels in ranged combat, tracking, and survival skills.

Did You Know? Tabaxi Rangers are hunters and scouts who harness their natural feline abilities to excel in tracking, archery, and wilderness survival. Their connection to the wilderness and feline instincts make them formidable hunters and protectors of nature.


  1. Wild Tracker: Raised in the depths of a dense forest, you learned the art of tracking and survival from the elders of your tribe. Now, as a Tabaxi Ranger, you serve as the tribe’s protector, using your skills to safeguard your homeland.
  2. Expedition Explorer: You set out on an expedition to explore uncharted lands, delving deep into the wilderness. Your experiences taught you the ways of a Tabaxi Ranger, as you honed your survival and tracking skills to navigate the untamed wilds.
  3. Urban Outcast: Exiled from a city for a crime you didn’t commit, you found refuge in the wilderness. There, you connected with your feline instincts and embraced the life of a Tabaxi Ranger, using your skills to thrive beyond the city walls.
  4. Guardian of the Sacred Groves: Tasked with protecting the sacred groves of your people, you became a Tabaxi Ranger, using your tracking abilities and archery to keep intruders at bay and ensure the sanctity of the groves.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the agile and feline nature of your character when playing a Tabaxi Ranger. Showcase your keen senses, agility, and your connection to the wild.
  • Customize your ranger’s favored enemies, natural explorer abilities, and combat style to reflect their expertise in hunting and wilderness survival. Prioritize feats and abilities that enhance your archery skills and tracking capabilities.
  • Make use of your Ranger features, such as “Primeval Awareness” and “Hide in Plain Sight,” to navigate the wilderness, track foes, and become a skilled scout and hunter.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate elements of wilderness exploration, tracking challenges, or encounters with creatures of the wild into the campaign, allowing your Tabaxi Ranger to embrace their role as a protector of nature and a master of the hunt.


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