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Northern Ranger


This seasoned ranger excels in survival, tracking, and archery, mastering the arts of stealth and marksmanship. The Northern Ranger is a sentinel of the frigid wilds, a master of the northern terrain, and a force that moves seamlessly between the realms of civilization and the untamed north.

Did You Know? Northern Rangers often share a spiritual connection with the northern wilderness, drawing inspiration from real-world cultures that have thrived in icy landscapes. In Dungeons and Dragons, they embody the essence of survival and self-reliance in harsh, frosty conditions.

Background Starters:

  1. Nomadic Guardian of the Tundra: As a nomadic guardian, the Northern Ranger’s journey involves traversing the tundra, safeguarding migrating herds, and navigating the challenges of icy terrains. Encounter a primal force threatening the balance of the tundra, propelling the ranger into a quest to confront the entity and preserve the natural harmony of the northern wilderness.
  2. Tracker in the Frostfall Borderlands: Functioning as a tracker in the Frostfall Borderlands, their role includes monitoring border activities, uncovering hidden threats, and preserving the integrity of the realm. Discover evidence of a looming invasion, urging the Northern Ranger to embark on a quest to thwart the encroaching forces and protect the northern lands.
  3. Reclusive Huntsman of the Northern Enclave: As a reclusive huntsman, their adventures involve living in isolation, mastering survival skills, and uncovering secrets buried in the heart of the northern enclave. Stumble upon an ancient relic tied to the spirits of the north, propelling the ranger into a quest to unlock its mysteries and safeguard it from those who seek to exploit its power.
  4. Lone Pathfinder of the Icebound Peaks: Specializing in navigating the treacherous Icebound Peaks, their mission involves mapping unexplored territories, surviving blizzards, and uncovering hidden wonders in the frosty mountains. Encounter a lost expedition in need of assistance, compelling the Northern Ranger to lead a rescue mission and unravel the mysteries that led to the group’s disappearance.
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