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Goliath Hunter Ranger


This hunter ranger excels in tracking, survival, and mastering the art of archery. The Goliath Hunter Ranger is a force of nature, a tracker of unparalleled skill, and a custodian of the untamed beauty that resonates with the very essence of goliath heritage.

Did You Know? Goliaths are renowned for their natural affinity with the untamed wilderness and their unmatched survival instincts. Goliath Hunter Rangers are masters of the wild, utilizing their tracking skills and keen senses to thrive in the harshest of environments.


  1. The Nomadic Huntsman: Raised in a nomadic Goliath tribe, you honed your skills as a Hunter Ranger, tracking game and protecting your people from natural threats. Now, you embark on a journey to explore the vast world beyond your tribe’s territory.
  2. Guardian of the Peaks: Your tribe resides in the high mountain ranges, where you serve as a protector and guardian. As a Goliath Hunter Ranger, you are tasked with defending your people from mountainous threats and exploring the treacherous peaks.
  3. Beastmaster’s Apprentice: You were taken under the wing of a seasoned ranger who taught you the ways of the wild. You are on a quest to become a true master of the wilderness, protecting it from harm and ensuring its balance.
  4. Outcast Tracker: Exiled from your tribe for reasons unknown, you have turned your back on your people to wander the untamed wilderness alone. As a solitary Goliath Hunter Ranger, you seek to uncover the truth behind your exile and find your place in the world.

Tips for Players:

  • Lean into your Goliath’s natural strength and endurance when playing a Goliath Hunter Ranger. You can take on the role of a frontline fighter while still excelling as a ranged damage dealer.
  • Choose favored terrains and favored enemies that make sense for your character’s backstory and the campaign setting. This will enhance your tracking and survival abilities.
  • Make use of your Hunter’s abilities to control the battlefield. Abilities like “Colossus Slayer” and “Escape the Horde” can be game-changers in combat situations.
  • Collaborate with your DM to create unique wilderness encounters and challenges that allow your Goliath Hunter Ranger to shine as a master of the natural world, showcasing your tracking, survival, and hunting skills.
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