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Giff Dragon Hunter


This dragon hunter excels in ranged combat, dragon lore, and the relentless pursuit of eliminating draconic adversaries.

Did You Know? Giffs are known for their militaristic society and their unwavering commitment to the art of warfare. Giff Dragon Hunters are a rare subset of their kind, dedicating their lives to pursuing and eradicating the greatest threats to their world—dragons.


  1. Battlefield Conversion: You were once a decorated Giff soldier, but a harrowing encounter with a dragon on the battlefield led to a life-changing obsession. You left the military to become a Dragon Hunter, seeking vengeance for your fallen comrades.
  2. Ancestral Oath: Your family has a long and honorable tradition of Dragon Hunting. As a Giff, you carry the responsibility of upholding this legacy and protecting your homeland from the menace of dragons.
  3. Dragon Scholar: Driven by an insatiable curiosity, you dedicated your life to the study of dragons. Your pursuit of knowledge transformed into a passionate crusade to hunt and document these magnificent creatures.
  4. Last Survivor: You are the lone survivor of a dragon attack on your Giff community. The traumatic experience left you scarred and determined to prevent such a tragedy from happening again, pushing you to become a Giff Dragon Hunter.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the militaristic and relentless nature of your character when playing a Giff Dragon Hunter. Showcase your commitment to hunting dragons and your willingness to utilize any means necessary to achieve your goal.
  • Customize your Giff Dragon Hunter’s equipment and abilities to specialize in dragon-slaying. Consider feats and abilities that enhance your combat prowess and provide resistance to dragon abilities.
  • Make use of your Giff’s natural resilience and strength in combat. Your high Constitution and physical prowess make you a formidable adversary against dragons and their minions.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate epic dragon encounters and quests into the campaign, allowing your Giff Dragon Hunter to confront the most fearsome of foes and fulfill their relentless mission.
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