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Female Monster Slayer


The Monster Slayer Ranger is a guardian against the encroaching darkness, a stalker of the supernatural, and a harbinger of justice in the wilds where shadows linger.

Did You Know? Monster Slayer Rangers, attuned to the arcane and versed in tracking the unnatural, are often born out of necessity in response to rising supernatural threats. In Dungeons and Dragons, these rangers dedicate their lives to understanding the habits and weaknesses of creatures that defy conventional understanding. The Monster Slayer Ranger becomes a sentinel against the encroachment of the supernatural into the mortal realm.

Background Starters:

  1. Survivor of a Supernatural Assault: Having survived a harrowing encounter with a supernatural entity, the Ranger becomes a vigilant protector. Their journey involves delving into the lore of monsters, learning the intricacies of tracking, and vowing to prevent others from falling victim to the same malevolent forces.
  2. Apprentice of an Eldritch Mentor: Guided by a seasoned monster slayer, the Ranger becomes an apprentice of an eldritch mentor. Their path involves honing their skills under the tutelage of a master, learning to identify and combat supernatural threats, and inheriting the mantle of the mentor as they venture forth to protect the realms.
  3. Haunted by a Family Curse: Bound by a familial curse that attracts supernatural entities, the Ranger embarks on a quest to break the curse. Their journey takes them through haunted landscapes, ancient ruins, and darkened forests, seeking the means to lift the curse and ensuring that their bloodline remains untainted.
  4. Champion of the Silent Frontier: Embracing the role of a champion against supernatural incursions, the Ranger becomes a guardian of the silent frontier. Their duty involves patrolling the borderlands where the natural and supernatural realms converge, confronting creatures that spill over from the darkness, and maintaining the delicate balance between worlds.
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