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Dwarf Monster Slayer Ranger


The Dwarf Monster Slayer Ranger is a beacon of resilience, a tenacious tracker, and a guardian who stands between the dwarven realms and the looming shadows of the subterranean abyss.

Did You Know? Dwarves have a storied history of confronting monstrous adversaries deep within the earth, making them natural Monster Slayer Rangers. They hone their skills to protect their underground strongholds from unspeakable horrors that dwell in the dark.


  1. The Undermountain Guardian: You come from a lineage of Dwarf defenders tasked with guarding the subterranean cities against monstrous incursions. As a Monster Slayer Ranger, you venture to the surface to eradicate surface-dwelling threats that could endanger your kin below.
  2. Grudge-Bearing Avenger: A personal vendetta drives you to become a Monster Slayer. Your family or clan suffered a terrible loss at the hands of a monstrous creature, and you have sworn vengeance, dedicating your life to hunting down such abominations.
  3. Cave Explorer: A passion for exploration led you to delve deep into the earth, where you encountered unspeakable horrors. Now, as a Dwarf Monster Slayer Ranger, you use your newfound skills to protect both underground and surface realms.
  4. Guardian of the Abyssal Rift: You hail from a settlement near an abyssal rift that connects the Material Plane to otherworldly dimensions. As a Monster Slayer Ranger, your purpose is to guard against extraplanar threats emerging from the rift and keep your homeland safe.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace your dwarf’s resilience and tactical acumen when playing a Dwarf Monster Slayer Ranger. Your proficiency with heavy armor and weapons makes you a formidable front-line combatant.
  • Select favored enemies that reflect the monstrous threats you are likely to encounter in your campaign. This will maximize your damage potential and effectiveness in combat.
  • Utilize your Monster Slayer features, such as “Slayer’s Prey” and “Relentless Slayer,” to quickly eliminate dangerous foes in combat.
  • Collaborate with your DM to weave elements of your character’s background and vendetta into the campaign’s narrative, creating opportunities for dramatic confrontations and character growth.


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