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Drow Swamp Ranger


The Drow Swamp Ranger is a silent predator, at home among the mist-shrouded waters and tangled vegetation.

His connection to the Underdark, combined with his mastery of the swamp, makes him a force to be reckoned with—an elusive and lethal hunter in the heart of the murky wilderness.

Did You Know? Drow Swamp Rangers, born in the lightless depths of the Underdark, adapt their elven skills to the challenges of swamp terrain. In Dungeons and Dragons, these rangers are often outcasts seeking solace in the untamed wilderness. The male Drow Swamp Ranger stands as a testament to the drow’s ability to thrive even in the most inhospitable environments, wielding the shadows and swamp’s natural hazards as weapons in his silent pursuit.

Background Starters:

  1. Outcast of the Underdark: Banished from the drow society for reasons known only to him, the Swamp Ranger finds solace in the swamps. His journey involves confronting the dangers of the surface world and embracing the wild, murky expanses as his new home.
  2. Protector of the Veiled Glades: Tasked with safeguarding ancient elven glades hidden within the swamp, the Ranger is a sworn protector of the mystical flora that holds secrets to the Underdark’s connection with the surface. His duty involves fending off intruders and preserving the delicate balance between the swamp and the ancient glades.
  3. Seeker of Lost Drow Artefacts: Driven by a desire to reclaim lost drow artifacts scattered throughout the swamp, the Ranger becomes an artifact hunter. His quest takes him through the perilous bogs and tangled thickets, unraveling the mysteries of his people’s history while avoiding the pursuit of rivals seeking the same treasures.
  4. Avenger of a Despoiled Grove: Witnessing the despoiling of a sacred grove by external forces, the Ranger becomes an avenger. His mission involves tracking down those responsible, using his knowledge of the swamp to set cunning traps and ambushes that make his enemies feel the relentless sting of nature’s wrath.
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