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Dragonborn Drakewarden Ranger


This drakewarden ranger excels in ranged combat, beast bonding, and harnessing the elemental powers of dragons.

Did You Know? Dragonborn Drakewarden Rangers are unique individuals who draw upon the essence of dragons to forge a powerful bond with their drake companion. This bond allows them to harness the elemental fury of dragons and use it in harmony with their ranger skills.


  1. Draconic Guardian: From a young age, you discovered a dragon egg and raised the hatchling as your own. Your deep bond with the drake led you to become a Drakewarden Ranger, where you and your companion serve as protectors of the land.
  2. Ancient Prophecy: You were chosen by an ancient prophecy that foretold your role in rekindling the ancient dragon heritage of your people. Your journey as a Drakewarden Ranger is intertwined with fulfilling this prophecy and uncovering its mysteries.
  3. Wandering Draconis: You have wandered the lands in search of your true purpose. A chance encounter with a drake sparked a connection that awakened your latent draconic abilities. Now, you roam as a Dragonborn Drakewarden Ranger, guided by visions and dreams.
  4. Clan of the Drake: Raised in a Dragonborn clan with a deep connection to drakes, you were trained as a Drakewarden Ranger to uphold the traditions of your people. You seek to strengthen the bond between your clan and the drakes while defending your ancestral lands.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the dragon-themed nature of your character when playing a Dragonborn Drakewarden Ranger. Infuse your roleplay with hints of draconic mannerisms and speech patterns.
  • Customize your drake companion using the Drakewarden’s class features. Experiment with different drake types and abilities to complement your character’s style and tactics.
  • Select spells and abilities that enhance your drake companion and elemental powers. Focus on spells that augment your combat capabilities and offer battlefield control.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate aspects of dragon lore into the campaign, such as encounters with dragons or quests tied to your character’s prophecy or clan heritage.
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