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Divine Paladin of Conquest


This divine paladin excels in martial combat, divine intervention, and the pursuit of conquest in the name of their chosen deity. The Divine Paladin of Conquest is a fervent crusader, a commander of the battlefield, and a paladin whose every strike echoes with the divine mandate for conquest.

Did You Know? Divine Paladins of Conquest are fervent followers of deities who emphasize domination, order, and the pursuit of victory at all costs. They wield their divine powers to conquer their enemies, establish order, and impose their deity’s will upon the world.


  1. Champion of the War God: From a young age, you were chosen by a war god to serve as their instrument of conquest. As a Divine Paladin of Conquest, you wage relentless campaigns in your deity’s name, seeking to bring order to the chaotic world.
  2. Tyrant’s Right Hand: You rose through the ranks of a conquering empire, earning a place as the favored servant of a ruthless tyrant. Now, you wield divine power as a Divine Paladin to enforce the tyrant’s rule and expand their dominion.
  3. Divine Inquisitor: You are a relentless enforcer of your faith’s dogma, hunting down heretics and dissenters in the name of your deity. As a Divine Paladin of Conquest, you crush resistance and ensure the unquestioned dominance of your religion.
  4. Exalted Commander: You were a respected military leader before your divine calling led you to become a Divine Paladin of Conquest. Now, you lead armies with divine authority, conquering lands and converting the conquered in the name of your deity.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the unyielding and commanding nature of your character when playing a Divine Paladin of Conquest. Showcase your unwavering faith and your readiness to use force to achieve your goals.
  • Customize your paladin’s spells and abilities to reflect their emphasis on conquest and domination. Prioritize spells that enhance your combat prowess, control the battlefield, and inspire fear in your foes.
  • Utilize your Divine Paladin of Conquest features, such as “Channel Divinity: Conquering Strike” and “Aura of Conquest,” to exert your dominance in combat and influence the battlefield.
  • Collaborate with your DM to weave elements of religious conquest, divine crusades, and challenging moral dilemmas into the campaign, allowing your Divine Paladin of Conquest to confront the complexities of their faith and the consequences of their actions.
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