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Acended Aasimar Paladin


Embodying the celestial grace granted by their celestial lineage, the Aasimar Paladin is a sworn defender of the innocent, a vanquisher of darkness, and a living embodiment of the divine principles that guide their righteous path.

Did You Know? Aasimar Paladins, marked by celestial ancestry, embody the divine union of celestial and mortal. In Dungeons and Dragons, these individuals are chosen champions who draw upon their celestial heritage to smite evil and protect the innocent. The Aasimar Paladin stands as a living testament to the harmonious melding of celestial power with the unwavering dedication of a paladin.

Background Starters:

  1. Blessed Scion of Light: Recognized from birth as a blessed scion, the Aasimar Paladin was destined for a path of righteousness and divine service.
  2. Atoner’s Redemption: Touched by a celestial being in a moment of redemption, the Aasimar Paladin embarked on a quest to cleanse the world of darkness and seek atonement for past sins.
  3. Custodian of Sacred Relics: Entrusted with safeguarding sacred relics, the Aasimar Paladin travels the realms, wielding divine artifacts to combat supernatural threats and uphold celestial justice.
  4. Heavenly Emissary: Called upon by celestial beings, the Aasimar Paladin serves as a mortal emissary, tasked with defending the mortal realm from extraplanar threats and championing the cause of celestial benevolence.
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