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Feline Spirit Ninja


The Feline Spirit Ninja is a phantom in the night, a cunning warrior, and a master of espionage and lethal ambush.

Did You Know? Feline Spirit Ninjas are skilled warriors who emulate the characteristics of feline creatures, blending their agility, stealth, and precision with martial prowess. They draw upon the essence of the feline spirit for their martial arts and stealth techniques.


  1. Temple Infiltrator: Trained in a secluded temple that venerates the feline spirit, you learned the art of the Feline Spirit Ninja. Your skills in stealth and martial arts make you a master of infiltrating enemy strongholds and gathering vital information.
  2. Street-Level Guardian: Growing up in a crime-ridden city, you honed your abilities as a Feline Spirit Ninja to protect the vulnerable and bring justice to the streets. Your stealth and combat prowess make you a guardian of the shadows.
  3. Wildcat Wanderer: You roamed the wilderness, encountering feline spirits that imparted their wisdom and agility. As a Feline Spirit Ninja, you have embraced the ways of the wild and use your skills to protect nature and its creatures.
  4. Clan Assassin: Raised in a secretive ninja clan that reveres the feline spirit, you have become a deadly assassin, using your stealth and combat skills to carry out covert missions for your clan’s objectives.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the agility and stealth of your character when playing a Feline Spirit Ninja. Showcase your ability to move silently, evade detection, and strike swiftly.
  • Customize your ninja’s combat abilities and techniques to reflect their feline-inspired fighting style. Prioritize feats and abilities that enhance your agility, sneak attacks, and evasion.
  • Leverage your Ninja features, such as “Sneak Attack” and “Evasion,” to become a formidable melee combatant capable of dealing devastating damage and avoiding danger.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate elements of feline symbolism, stealthy missions, or encounters with foes that challenge your ninja’s skills into the campaign, allowing your Feline Spirit Ninja to explore their connection to the feline spirit and confront challenges that test their agility and cunning.
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