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Dragonborn Fighter


As a warrior with draconic blood coursing through their veins, the Dragonborn Fighter channels the strength and ferocity of dragons into their martial prowess. They unleash devastating attacks, exhibiting resilience and power akin to the dragons they emulate. The Dragonborn Fighter is a fearsome combatant, a guardian of draconic heritage, and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Did You Know? Dragonborn Fighters often feel a deep connection to their draconic ancestry, seeking to understand and honor the ancient traditions of dragons. In Dungeons and Dragons, they carry the proud legacy of dragonkind, drawing inspiration from the powerful beings that once ruled the skies.

Background Starters:

  1. Scion of the Dragon Council: As a scion of the Dragon Council, the Dragonborn Fighter’s journey involves upholding the ancient dragon pacts, navigating draconic politics, and ensuring the balance of power among dragon clans. Discover a forbidden alliance threatening the Council’s harmony, propelling the Dragonborn Fighter into a quest to expose the conspirators and preserve the legacy of dragonkind.
  2. Guardian of the Wyrmforged Relic: Serving as the guardian of a wyrmforged relic, their role includes protecting a mystical artifact that channels the essence of dragons. Encounter a cult seeking to misuse the relic’s power, urging the Dragonborn Fighter to embark on a quest to thwart their dark intentions and safeguard the wyrmforged legacy.
  3. Dragon Rider of the Skyshard Peak: Riding dragons among the Skyshard Peaks, their adventures involve aerial combat, dragon diplomacy, and defending against aerial threats. Stumble upon an ancient dragon prophecy hinting at an imminent threat from the skies, compelling the Dragonborn Fighter to soar into the heights and confront the looming peril.
  4. Exiled Scourge Redeemer: Cast out as an exiled scourge, the Dragonborn Fighter seeks redemption through noble deeds. Encounter remnants of a scourge faction threatening both their homeland and neighboring realms, prompting the Dragonborn Fighter to reconcile with their past and face the challenges that lie ahead to earn redemption.


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