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Female Dwarf Conquest Paladin


The Female Dwarf Conquest Paladin is a bastion of dwarven fortitude, a warrior of unyielding resolve, and a paladin whose every step resonates with the echoes of conquest.

Did You Know? Female Dwarf Conquest Paladins often undergo rigorous training in the halls of dwarven citadels, where they learn to combine their innate dwarven resilience with the divine might granted by their oath. In Dungeons and Dragons, these paladins exemplify the dwarven dedication to order and dominion, drawing upon their faith to shape the world in accordance with their ideals.

Background Starters:

  1. Shieldmaiden of the Granite Halls: As a shieldmaiden in the Granite Halls, the Conquest Paladin’s journey involves defending dwarven realms against external threats, leading charges into battle, and upholding the honor of her kin through unwavering commitment to conquest.
  2. Oathsworn Defender of the Deep Anvil: Sworn as the oathsworn defender of the Deep Anvil, her role includes safeguarding sacred dwarven forges, enforcing order among her kin, and quelling dissent to ensure the prosperity of dwarven society.
  3. Warrior-Priestess in Service to Moradin: Serving as a warrior-priestess in the service of Moradin, the Conquest Paladin’s adventures include undertaking divine quests, purging dwarven territories of threats, and acting as a divine enforcer of dwarven justice.
  4. Exiled General Seeking to Reclaim Honor: Driven into exile for a perceived failure, she seeks to reclaim her honor through conquest and unwavering service to her people. Her journey involves proving herself on the battlefield, earning victories, and redeeming her name among the dwarven halls.
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