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Warforged Cleric


As a cleric of artificial origin, the Warforged Cleric channels divine energies to mend wounds, shield allies, and confront the forces of darkness. They serve as a stalwart guardian, offering both physical and spiritual support to those in need.

Did You Know? This Warforged Cleric is a self-empowered seeker of divine truth and self-discovery, forging their path and connection to the divine without the guidance of traditional religious institutions.


  1. Divine Revelation: In a moment of profound enlightenment, you experienced a divine revelation that awakened your connection to a deity. Unbound by established religious institutions, you’ve embraced your unique path as a Warforged Cleric, forging your own understanding of your deity’s teachings.
  2. Sole Survivor: The last survivor of a now-extinct religious order, you carry the remnants of your faith and the collective wisdom of your fallen brethren. As a Warforged Cleric, you strive to preserve the legacy of your order and continue their divine mission.
  3. Construct of Faith: You were originally created for a different purpose but underwent a transformation when you encountered a deity’s presence. Now, as a Warforged Cleric, you embody a living testament to the divine, transcending your original purpose to serve a higher calling.
  4. Sacred Ancestry: Your creation was guided by the remnants of an ancient deity’s power, passed down through generations. As a Warforged Cleric, you are the vessel of this divine heritage, working to fulfill your deity’s long-forgotten legacy.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the fusion of mechanical resilience and self-discovered faith when playing this unique Warforged Cleric. Showcase your unwavering belief in your chosen deity and your determination to forge your path to enlightenment.
  • Customize your cleric’s spells, divine domain, and abilities to reflect their personal interpretation of their deity’s teachings and the needs of your adventuring party.
  • Leverage your Warforged features, such as “Constructed Resilience” and “Integrated Protection,” to withstand damage and adapt to various situations, making you a durable and versatile cleric.
  • Collaborate with your DM to explore your character’s divine revelations, the remnants of their extinct religious order, or encounters with ancient divine entities during the campaign, allowing your Warforged Cleric to continue their unique spiritual journey and confront challenges that test their faith and self-determined path.
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