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Human Sun Cleric


The Human Sun Cleric is a healer of the soul, a vanquisher of darkness, and a mortal vessel through which the divine radiance of the sun manifests in the world.

Did You Know? Human Sun Clerics often emerge from cultures that revere the sun as a symbol of life, purity, and divine blessing. In Dungeons and Dragons, these clerics draw their power from the cosmic energies of the sun, embodying the life-giving and purifying aspects associated with this celestial body. The Human Sun Cleric becomes a living embodiment of the divine radiance that brings warmth, healing, and hope to the realms.

Background Starters:

  1. Temple Guardian of the Dawn Sanctuary: Sworn as a temple guardian, the Sun Cleric’s journey involves protecting the Dawn Sanctuary, a revered temple dedicated to the sun. Their responsibilities include leading dawn rituals, tending to sacred flames, and defending against creatures that recoil from the sun’s light.
  2. Sunlit Pilgrim on a Sacred Quest: Embarking on a sunlit pilgrimage, the Sun Cleric’s quest involves traversing sacred landscapes, purifying unholy sites, and gathering artifacts infused with the radiant power of the sun to strengthen their divine connection.
  3. Healer in Sun-Touched Villages: Becoming a healer in sun-touched villages, the Sun Cleric’s duties include tending to the sick, conducting ceremonies to bless crops, and teaching the villagers to find strength and solace in the ever-present light of the sun.
  4. Champion Against the Eclipse Cult: Rising as a champion against the Eclipse Cult, the Sun Cleric’s mission involves thwarting the cult’s attempts to plunge the world into darkness. Their adventures include uncovering the cult’s machinations, recovering stolen relics, and confronting shadowy foes who seek to eclipse the divine radiance of the sun.
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