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Half-Elf Moon Cleric


This moon cleric excels in healing magic, celestial communion, and wielding the moon’s influence to aid allies. The Half-Elf Moon Cleric is a beacon of serenity, a mediator between mortal and celestial realms, and a cleric whose every prayer resonates with the soothing energies of the moon.

Did You Know? Half-Elf Moon Clerics draw their power from the celestial energies associated with the moon. They channel this radiant power to heal, protect, and bring light to the world, serving as emissaries of the lunar deities.


  1. Celestial Heritage: Your celestial ancestry, stemming from your elven and human lineage, awakened a deep connection to the moon’s divine energy. As a Moon Cleric, you embrace your celestial heritage and your role as a healer and protector.
  2. Lunar Pilgrimage: Guided by dreams of the moon, you embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to unlock the secrets of the celestial realm. Along the way, you discovered your divine calling as a Moon Cleric and pledged to use your newfound powers for good.
  3. Elven Moon Scholar: Raised among elves renowned for their moon-worshiping traditions, you honed your understanding of the moon’s power. As a Half-Elf Moon Cleric, you aim to bridge the gap between your elven heritage and your human potential.
  4. Lunar Wanderer: You are a wanderer who roams the lands under the moonlit sky, answering the call of celestial energies. Your journeys led you to become a Moon Cleric, as you seek to bring light to the darkest corners of the world.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the serene and celestial nature of your character when playing a Half-Elf Moon Cleric. Showcase your dedication to healing, light, and the mysteries of the moon.
  • Customize your cleric’s spells and abilities to reflect their connection to the moon. Prioritize spells that offer healing, radiant damage, and protection against darkness.
  • Leverage your Half-Elf’s adaptability and versatility in various situations. Your racial traits allow you to excel in both social and combat encounters.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate celestial quests, lunar mysteries, or encounters with moon-related entities into the campaign, allowing your Half-Elf Moon Cleric to explore their divine calling and the celestial forces they serve.
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