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Goliath War Cleric


This war cleric excels in melee combat, healing, and channeling divine wrath. The Goliath War Cleric is a zealous defender, a fervent champion of the divine, and a living testament to the union of faith and martial might.

Did You Know? Goliath War Clerics are devout followers of the divine, often chosen to be both spiritual leaders and frontline combatants. They embrace their ancestral warrior traditions while channeling divine power to protect their people and uphold their beliefs.


  1. Chosen Champion: You were selected as a champion of your Goliath tribe, entrusted with the responsibility of both leading your people and defending them in times of need. Your divine calling as a War Cleric guides you in all aspects of life.
  2. Ancestral Guardian: You carry the legacy of your ancestors, who were revered War Clerics themselves. The spirits of these mighty warriors guide your actions as you fulfill your sacred duty to protect your clan and fight for their honor.
  3. Divine Revelation: Through a profound spiritual experience, you received a divine calling that led you to embrace the path of the War Cleric. Your mission is to bring justice and order to a chaotic world through the power of the divine.
  4. Reluctant Scribe of War: As a Goliath known for your strength and combat prowess, you were chosen by a deity to become a War Cleric, much to your initial reluctance. Now, you must balance your love of battle with your newfound divine duties.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the dual nature of your character as both a warrior and a cleric. Balance your martial abilities with your divine spells and healing powers.
  • Select spells and abilities that complement your role as a frontline combatant. Prioritize spells that enhance your combat prowess and provide support to your allies.
  • Leverage your Goliath’s physical strength and resilience in combat. Your high Constitution and natural toughness make you a formidable tank on the battlefield.
  • Collaborate with your DM to weave divine quests and trials into the campaign, allowing your Goliath War Cleric to explore their faith, grow spiritually, and confront challenges that test their resolve.
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