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Domain Of Secrets Cleric


Inscribed with cryptic runes that shimmer with divine energy, the Whispered Oracle’s connection to the secrets of the universe is palpable. Their every prayer is a whispered incantation that resonates with the echoes of ancient truths.

As a guardian of esoteric knowledge, the Domain of Secrets Cleric weaves through the fabric of reality, unraveling enigmas and shedding light on the hidden paths that others dare not tread.

Did You Know? The Domain of Secrets is a divine sphere that grants clerics access to the hidden truths of the cosmos. Whispered Oracles, devoted to this domain, unravel mysteries, safeguard sacred knowledge, and wield the power of secrets to serve their deities. They stand as guides through the enigmatic realms, offering glimpses into the veiled truths that shape the very fabric of reality.

Background Starters:

  1. Guardian of Forbidden Tomes: Entrusted with safeguarding forbidden knowledge, the Whispered Oracle serves as the keeper of a library containing secrets that could reshape destinies.
  2. Soothsayer’s Prodigy: Born with an innate gift for seeing beyond the veil, the Whispered Oracle’s childhood visions guided them to embrace the path of a cleric, where they could harness their unique connection to the secrets of the future.
  3. Agent of the Silent Council: A clandestine organization known as the Silent Council selected the Whispered Oracle to be their emissary, using their divine powers to gather intelligence and maintain the balance between light and shadow.
  4. Cursed Revelations: Marked by a curse that compels them to uncover hidden truths, the Whispered Oracle embarked on a quest to break the curse, finding solace in the divine secrets they unearth along the way.


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