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Loxodon Bard


This bardic maestro specializes in enchanting melodies, inspiring allies with stirring performances, and using the power of music to shape reality.

Did You Know? Loxodons are renowned for their wisdom and deep connection to nature. Loxodon Bards draw upon their cultural heritage to tell tales, sing songs, and create melodies that resonate with the hearts of those who hear them.


  1. Harmonious Wanderer: You left your Loxodon tribe to explore the world, taking your musical talents with you. Along the way, you’ve become a traveling bard, sharing stories and songs from your culture, promoting harmony between different races.
  2. Voice of the Spirits: Your connection with the natural world is unparalleled. You hear the whispers of the earth and the songs of the trees. You’ve become a Loxodon Bard to channel these spirits through your music, seeking to protect and heal the land.
  3. Bardic Diplomat: In service to your tribe, you act as an ambassador, using your bardic abilities to forge alliances with neighboring races. Your words and songs are powerful tools in negotiating peace and understanding.
  4. The Epic Ballad: Inspired by legends of old, you set out on a quest to craft the most epic ballad the world has ever heard. Your journey takes you through perilous adventures, collecting stories and experiences to weave into your magnum opus.

Tips for Players:

    • Lean into your Loxodon’s natural stoicism and wisdom when roleplaying. Use your unique perspective to offer sage advice or calm in tense situations.
    • Choose spells and abilities that complement your bardic skills, such as spells that enhance your storytelling or provide support for your party.
    • Use your Loxodon’s physical presence to your advantage in both combat and social encounters. Your imposing stature can be a source of intimidation or authority.
    • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate elements of your Loxodon culture into the campaign, such as encounters with other Loxodon tribes or opportunities to showcase your bardic talents in grand performances.
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