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Demonic Warlock Bard


The Demonic Warlock Bard is a master manipulator of souls, a weaver of forbidden harmonies, and a dark artist whose performances resonate in both the hearts of mortals and the depths of the Abyss.

Did You Know? Demonic Warlock Bards, touched by infernal patrons, often forge pacts that grant them both musical prowess and demonic abilities. In Dungeons and Dragons, these bards become conduits of dark melodies, using their captivating performances to manipulate the minds of others and further their demonic patrons’ agendas. The Demonic Warlock Bard becomes a living testament to the unholy alliance between the arcane and the infernal.

Background Starters:

  1. Bardic Disciple of the Abyss: Drawn to the dark allure of the Abyss, the Bard’s journey involves becoming a disciple of infernal melodies. Their path includes navigating forbidden libraries, making pacts with demonic entities, and infusing their bardic talents with abyssal power.
  2. Cursed Performer Seeking Redemption: Cursed by a demonic pact made in a moment of weakness, the Bard seeks redemption through their performances. Their journey involves honing their musical skills, unraveling the mysteries of their infernal curse, and using their art to turn the tide against the malevolent forces that seek to claim their soul.
  3. Court Musician in the Hells: Serving as a court musician in the Hells, the Bard’s role involves entertaining infernal overlords, manipulating political intrigues through their performances, and using their influence to sway the balance of power in the demonic realms.
  4. Seeker of Forbidden Instruments: Driven by a fascination with forbidden instruments, the Bard becomes a seeker of dark melodies. Their quest involves tracking down elusive artifacts, mastering the use of infernal instruments, and uncovering the supernatural secrets hidden within each accursed note.
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  1. Playa

    Didn’t know I wanted to play a warlock bard until I saw this lol having a blast with this guy

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