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Werewolf Barbarian


The Werewolf Barbarian is a manifestation of untamed power, a warrior whose connection to the moon and the beast within creates a fearsome force that cannot be shackled by conventional restraints.

Did You Know? Werewolf Barbarians, with their lycanthropic heritage and untamed rage, channel the primal forces of nature in Dungeons and Dragons. Often born of a cursed bloodline or chosen by a lunar deity, these warriors walk the fine line between civilization and the wild. The Werewolf Barbarian stands as a living testament to the convergence of humanity and the feral instincts that dwell within.

Background Starters:

  1. Cursed Bloodline Survivor: Born into a family cursed by lycanthropy, the Werewolf Barbarian survives the trials of their feral heritage. Their journey involves coming to terms with the dual nature within and seeking a way to control the primal urges that threaten to overwhelm them.
  2. Lunar Chosen of the Wilds: Touched by a lunar deity, the Werewolf Barbarian becomes a chosen champion of the wilds. Their path involves answering the call of the moon, defending the untamed realms from those who seek to exploit its resources, and harnessing the power of the lunar cycle in their relentless pursuit of justice.
  3. Pack Protector: Bonded with a pack of fellow werewolves, the Barbarian becomes a pack protector. Their journey revolves around safeguarding their kin from hunters, rival packs, and external threats. The pack’s unity becomes their strength, and their ferocity is unmatched when defending their shared territory.
  4. Feral Outcast: Driven from society due to their uncontrollable transformations, the Werewolf Barbarian becomes a feral outcast. Their path involves navigating the fringes of civilization, surviving in the wilderness, and forging alliances with those who accept their wild nature.


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