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Werebear Barbarian Druid


This hybrid warrior draws upon the primal strength of the bear and the ancient magic of the druids. In battle, they unleash devastating strikes with clawed paws, combining the might of the bear with the elemental powers of nature.

The Werebear Barbarian Druid is a living embodiment of the wilderness, a guardian of the balance, and a force that defends the sanctity of nature.

Did You Know? Werebear Barbarian Druids often find solace in the wilderness, forming bonds with the spirits of the forest and embracing their dual nature. In Dungeons and Dragons, they navigate the complexities of lycanthropy while championing the preservation of natural harmony.

Background Starters:

  1. Guardian of the Verdant Glade: Entrusted as the guardian of a verdant glade, the Werebear Barbarian Druid’s journey involves protecting sacred lands, nurturing the balance of nature, and exploring the mysteries of druidic magic. Discover a blight threatening the glade’s vitality, compelling the fighter to embark on a quest to cleanse the land and confront the malevolent forces threatening the sacred grove.
  2. Nomadic Warden of the Wilds: Roaming as a nomadic warden of the wilds, their role includes surviving in nature, communing with animal spirits, and defending the delicate balance of ecosystems. Encounter a corrupted druid circle wielding forbidden magic, urging the Werebear Barbarian Druid to confront their wayward kin and restore the sanctity of druidic traditions.
  3. Outcast Seeker of a Druidic Remedy: Cast out as an outcast due to their lycanthropy, their adventures involve seeking a druidic remedy, proving their commitment to the natural order, and navigating the complexities of the wilderness. Discover an ancient druidic ritual that might hold the key to controlling the transformative curse, propelling the Werebear Barbarian Druid into a quest to unlock its secrets and reclaim their place among the druids.
  4. Moonlit Avenger of Nature’s Wrath: Driven by a sense of justice, their mission involves hunting down those who defile the natural world, protecting the innocent, and preserving the balance between civilization and the wilds. Encounter a corrupt logging operation despoiling ancient forests, compelling the Werebear Barbarian Druid to confront the exploiters and bring justice to the sacred lands.
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  1. Thea

    Got this in combo with his human form, couldn’t be happier with the print quality thankyou

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