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Viking Barbarian Berserker


This ferocious warrior taps into the berserker’s rage, a primal force that grants unmatched strength and endurance in the heat of combat. Wielding weapons with savage proficiency, the Viking Barbarian Berserker charges fearlessly into the fray, shrugging off blows that would fell lesser warriors. They are a relentless storm of destruction, a harbinger of chaos, and a force that strikes terror into the hearts of enemies.

Did You Know? Viking Barbarian Berserkers draw inspiration from historical Norse warriors known for their frenzied battle rage. In Dungeons and Dragons, they embody the spirit of these legendary berserkers, channeling their ferocity into devastating strikes on the battlefield.

Background Starters:

  1. Champion of the Longship Fleet: As the champion of a longship fleet, the Viking Barbarian Berserker’s journey involves raiding coastal settlements, proving their mettle in naval battles, and acquiring the spoils of war. Discover a rival fleet amassing a powerful artifact, propelling the fighter into a quest to confront the rival fleet and seize control of the mystical relic.
  2. Berserker of the Frostforged Clan: Hailing from the Frostforged Clan, their role includes defending ancestral lands, participating in tribal conflicts, and mastering the rites of berserker fury. Encounter a rival clan challenging the Frostforged’s supremacy, urging the Viking Barbarian Berserker to lead their kin into a battle that will determine the fate of the clan.
  3. Wandering Mercenary of Northern Realms: Roaming as a wandering mercenary, their adventures involve taking contracts, proving their strength in arenas, and navigating the complex political landscapes of the northern realms. Receive a contract to eliminate a formidable warlord, leading the Viking Barbarian Berserker into a quest to topple the warlord’s regime and reshape the balance of power.
  4. Bear-Cloaked Avenger of the Fallen: Draped in the cloak of a fearsome bear, their mission involves avenging fallen comrades, seeking justice for perceived slights, and instilling fear in the hearts of enemies. Encounter a rival warband responsible for a massacre, compelling the Viking Barbarian Berserker to unleash their berserker rage and bring swift retribution to those who dared cross their path.
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