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Human Berserker Barbarian


The Human Berserker Barbarian is a living tempest, a force of nature, and a warrior whose every move reverberates with the primal echoes of the wild.

Did You Know? Human Berserker Barbarians are masters of controlled fury, channeling their inner rage to enhance their combat prowess. They unleash their wild instincts to become formidable forces of destruction in battle.


  1. Tribal Guardian: Raised in a barbaric tribe, you were chosen as the protector of your people, channeling your rage to defend against threats. Your path as a Berserker Barbarian is a reflection of your unwavering loyalty to your tribe.
  2. Rage-Induced Redemption: In your youth, your uncontrollable anger led to tragedy. Seeking redemption, you learned to harness your rage and wield it as a Berserker Barbarian, vowing never to lose control again.
  3. Mercenary Enforcer: You served as a feared enforcer for a ruthless mercenary band, unleashing your fury on their foes. Now, you walk your own path as a Berserker Barbarian, using your strength to protect the innocent and right the wrongs of your past.
  4. Savage Survivor: You endured a brutal wilderness, surviving by unleashing your inner beast to confront the dangers of the wild. As a Human Berserker Barbarian, you continue to embrace your primal instincts and tap into your inner rage.

Tips for Players:

  • Embrace the ferocious and primal nature of your character when playing a Human Berserker Barbarian. Showcase your uncontrollable rage and your willingness to charge headfirst into battle.
  • Customize your barbarian’s abilities and feats to reflect their combat style and their reliance on rage. Prioritize feats and abilities that enhance your damage output and resilience.
  • Utilize your Barbarian features, such as “Rage” and “Frenzy,” to become a formidable melee combatant capable of dealing and withstanding significant damage.
  • Collaborate with your DM to incorporate challenges, foes, and scenarios that allow your Human Berserker Barbarian to unleash their fury and confront enemies in intense, close-quarters combat.
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