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Human Barbarian Fighter


As a warrior who embraces the primal instincts within, the Human Barbarian Fighter eschews traditional armor for the resilience of their own flesh. They harness a berserker’s rage to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield, shrugging off blows that would fell lesser warriors. The Human Barbarian Fighter is a savage combatant, a primal warrior, and a relentless storm of fury.

Did You Know? Human Barbarian Fighters often hail from tribal backgrounds, drawing strength from the untamed wilderness and their ancestral heritage. In Dungeons and Dragons, they embody the raw, unbridled power of the wilderness, connecting with the primal forces that shape the world.

Background Starters:

  1. Champion of the Thunderhoof Tribe: As the champion of the Thunderhoof Tribe, the Human Barbarian Fighter’s journey involves proving their strength through ritual combat, defending tribal lands, and confronting external threats. Uncover a prophecy hinting at a dire threat to the Thunderhoof Tribe, propelling the fighter into a quest to thwart the impending danger and secure the tribe’s future.
  2. Outcast Seeker of Ancestral Relics: Banished as an outcast, their role now involves seeking lost relics of their ancestors, surviving in the wild, and reclaiming honor through heroic deeds. Discover an ancient artifact tied to their lineage, initiating a quest to prove their worth and reestablish their place among their people.
  3. Raging Gladiator of the Arena District: Thriving as a raging gladiator in the Arena District, their adventures include engaging in brutal arena combat, earning fame, and navigating the complex social dynamics of the city. Receive a challenge from a rival gladiator seeking vengeance, leading the Human Barbarian Fighter to navigate political intrigues and confront the looming threat.
  4. Savage Protector of the Wilds: Dedicated to protecting the wilds, their mission involves fending off threats to nature, confronting poachers, and preserving the delicate balance of ecosystems. Encounter a corrupt noble exploiting the wilderness for personal gain, compelling the Human Barbarian Fighter to embark on a quest to defend nature and punish those who desecrate it.
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